Estimated Price: Unavailable @pieddepoule_selale: ““ Woman in the Regional Dress of Zeeland “ painting by Johannes (Johan) Dijkstra (Dutch, 1896-1978)…”, De schilder huiverde. The best-known and most popular woman artist of the Dutch Golden Age, Breitner was a fan of the political writing of Emile Zola, and spent time with members of the literary movement Tachtigers. Heda comes to mind. Realized Price: £290,500, Image 19: Jacob van Ruisdael In his still lifes, Heda was a proponent of the Haarlem monochromatic style. We try to answer all your questions, if we can, about Values, Origin and Importance. Dit schilderij, Koolzaadvelden bij Hefswal, olieverf op doek, van de kunstschilder Johannes 'Johan' Dijkstra was voorheen te koop. Heda is best known for his still lifes, and in particular his late breakfast scenes. Located in Casteren, Noord-Brabant. Works by Breitner can sell for up to $300,000.”, 10 Art Nouveau Artists Who Defined the Movement, The Family Trade: 9 Artistic Dynasties of Western Art, 12 of the Most Extravagant Gifts Ever Given, Louis Vuitton Handbags: Iconic Styles and Price Guide, The Surprising Market for Russian Nesting Dolls, Furoshiki: The Art of Japanese Fabric Wrapping. Recurring motifs in his work include forests and the ruins of watermills and castles. Lempertz, Cologne, Germany (17 May, 2014) Sotheby’s, London, UK (8 July, 2015) Find auction results by Paul Citroen. See also Project: Dutch painters 1700-1900. alfabetisch —A— Johannes Evert jr. AKKERINGA ‧ Den Haag 1894-1983 Voorburg; Jan ALTINK ‧ Groningen 1885-1971 den Haag ‧ ANSINGH : Herman Johannes ANSINGH ‧ Nijmegen 1880-1957 Harderwijk It’s not for nothing that Ruysdael can be called a revolutionary of landscape painting. Henri Matisse. Christie’s, New York, NY, USA (6 April, 2006) Mar 15, 2019 - rough distinction, the year 1900. Piet van Winden, Director of Adam’s Auctioneers in Amsterdam, says of Heda’s work, “When I think of [Dutch] painters from the Golden Age deserving more attention from the public, Willem Claesz. View sold price and similar items: Jan Sluijters from AAG Auctioneers on December 1, 0114 2:00 PM CET. Sotheby’s, New York, NY, US (22 April, 2015) Te koop schilderijen van Johan Dijkstra. See also List of Dutch painters and List of Belgian painters (after Belgium claimed its independence in 1830). Painter. 12-mrt-2016 - Bekijk het bord 'Dutch painters 20th century' van Marianne Gademan, dat wordt gevolgd door 293 personen op Pinterest. Koller Auctions, Zurich, Switzerland (31 March, 2017) Thanks to such influences, Breitner is credited by some for having brought social conscience to the 19. Claude Monet. Hargesheimer Kunstauktionen Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany (11 March, 2017) Realized Price: $9,000, Image 27: Anton Mauve, Pastoral Scene Sotheby’s, New York, NY, USA (4 June, 2009) Breitner was a fan of the political writing of Emile Zola, and spent time with members of the literary movement Tachtigers. Realized Price: CHF18,000, Image 21: Rachel Ruysch, Flower Still Life with Tulips, Poppy, Viburnum, Bindweed and Chrysanthemums van Leyden is known for his paintings and prints, but it was the latter that gained him respect from the likes of Albrecht Dürer. Lempertz, Cologne, Germany (12 May, 2012) Realized Price: €195,200, Image 17: Jacob Isaackz. Schilder. View Self portrait (1926) By Leo Gestel; Mixed media on paper; 95 x 63.5 cm; Signed; . Christie’s Amsterdam, Netherlands (7 October, 2014) Koller Auctions, Zurich, Switzerland (28 March 2014) Get the latest stories, price guides and exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox. Some painters starting earlier, but with major production in 20th century might be featured here. Realized Price: CHF6,000, Image 18: Jacob van Ruisdael, A Wooded River Landscape Estimate: €1,000 – €1,500 Groningen winter landscape. History of Dutch and Flemish painting Early Netherlandish (1400–1500) Renaissance painting (1500–1584) Dutch Golden Age painting (1584–1702) Flemish Baroque painting (1585–1700) List of Dutch painters… Hij werd in 1896 geboren en pas in de jaren zeventig van de twintigste eeuw aan het eind van zijn leven bekend door zijn optredens in de talkshows van Willem Duys. Realized Price: €48,000, Image 22: Rachel Ruysch ... 19th Century Dutch Renaissance Flower Still-Life Oil Painting - A. de Steenbault. This Dutch Golden Age painter was born in the city of Antwerp, but spent most of his life in Haarlem (North Holland, Netherlands). van Leyden is thought to have learned the technique of etching from Dürer, but given that he experimented with a variety of etching techniques during the course of his career, some critics believe that van Leyden invented copper etching himself. : 14th; 15th; 16th; 17th; 18th; 19th; 20th; 21st; 22nd; 23rd; 24th; Subcategories. Explore the greatest artists with our guide to the 10 most important old masters in Dutch painting. The first half of the Dutch 18th century is that of Classicism under French influence. Estimate: CHF50,000 – CHF70,000 This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total. They deserve the credit. Since 2010. Little is known about Heda’s life, or his early work, aside from a number of figural studies. La chaleur coagule... Dit schilderij, Oranjesingel aan het Noorderplantsoen, Groningen, olieverf op doek, van de kunstschilder Johannes 'Johan' Dijkstra was voorheen te koop. Beautiful painting from the mid-19th century. The first half of the Dutch 18th century is that of Classicism under French influence. Maynards Fine Art & Antiques, Vancouver, BC, Canada (28 September, 2016) Find more works of this artist at – best visual art database. One of the foremost followers of Caravaggio in Holland (also known as “Utrecht Caravaggisti”), Hendrick ter Brugghen visited Italy to study Caravaggio’s work while the legendary Italian painter was alive. On Breitner’s relationship with van Gogh, Bradley Hessink of Hessink’s auction house in the Netherlands says, “Breitner once wrote that he did not like van Gogh’s paintings, it seems like art for Eskimos.”. He was precocious, and even as a child is said to have worked by candlelight late into the night. Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os (1782-1861), was a 19th century flower painter from the Northern Netherlands. Image 1: Lucas van Leyden (Leyden 1494-1533), The Dismissal As the son of an artist (Hugo Jacobsz van Leyden), Lucas van Leyden was an apprentice in his father’s workshop. Painters like Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh had a huge impact on the history of art. Estimate: CHF20,000 – CHF30,000 DUTCH PAINTERS 18TH - 20TH CENTURY has 7,505 members. Wikimedia Commons has media related to 18th-century painters.